Wednesday, November 26, 2008

China Price named a Best Business Book of 2008

Strategy + Business, the magazine published by consultancy Booz & Company, has named The China Price one of the Best Business Books of 2008 in the category of globalization. "The China Price is a work of reporting," writes Marc Levinson, "and the reporting is extremely good." Noting that the book "carefully destroys many foreign fantasies about doing business in China," he continues, "Even as she vividly reveals the human damage done by China’s double-time march to capitalism, Harney also describes a rapidly changing society in which the abuses of early industrialization are no longer tolerated." All in all, a great review, and an honor to be included on the list. Read the discussion here.


Dan said...

Congrats! Well deserved.

Nora said...

Alexandra - you deserve it! I remember listening to you speak at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and I was very impressed with how hard you worked in order to obtain an accurate story of what the sewing ladies in those factories in China had to endured. I recalled you encountered one scary incident, yet you still continued and successfully completed writing your book.

My nieces loved your book so much that they wanted to keep it. So, I had to buy (very happy to) another book for my library.