Monday, October 27, 2008

Worth watching: Toxic products in Australia

This evening, Australian broadcaster SBS will air a program that looks into the regulations and controls that exist to protect consumers from toxic or dangerous products - including both food and other goods. I'm on the program, via satellite from Hong Kong, along with victims of faulty products, consumer advocates, importers, and toxicologists. It's a rare intelligent look at these issues from an Australian perspective, one that for once doesn't fall down on political prejudices but focuses on the practical issues before us. Watch the program and read viewers' comments here.

Workers with attitude (日本語)

Nikkei Business Online (aka NB Online) has just run the third column in my China Price series, ahead of the publication of the book in Japan later this year. The latest piece is about workers willing to stand up for their rights, and the rise of Generation Y in China. Have a read (in Japanese) here.

Hot Talk on KSFO

I spent part of my Sunday morning talking to the lovely Barbara Simpson on KSFO-AM in San Francisco. Rare among talk show hosts, Barbara had actually read my book - and it clearly struck a chord. We talked about the human and environmental cost of the China price and a slew of other stuff - infectious diseases, coal, you name it. Barbara doesn't have a podcast of her show, so it seems our moment has passed, but you can read all about her here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The rise of factories that can say no

Ahead of Nikkei BP's publication of The China Price's Japanese language version in late November, NB Online, the online version of the excellent magazine Nikkei Business, is running a series of articles about the situation on Chinese factory floors today. The first story, which focuses on the rise of Chinese factories that can say no, soared to the "Most Read" category on their website on the first day of publication and remains there today. Read or at least see the story - and check out an extremely unflattering photo of me - here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The China Price in Fairfield, Iowa

It's not every day that I get a chance to talk to people in Iowa about China. So I'm thrilled to be appearing on 100.1 KRUU-FM, "the Voice of Fairfield" tomorrow Hong Kong time. I'll be on air with Stuart Tanner, a former BBC filmmaker who has made documentaries about ethnic and religious issues in China, and host James Moore. Listen online on their website or check out James Moore's blog.

Environmental responsibility

So I've been a bit distracted by getting married over the last few weeks. But I'm back and wanted to flag a piece I wrote for YaleGlobal Online. In the piece, which was picked up by the Daily Times in Pakistan, I argue that we should consider our own responsibility as consumers for the kinds of environmental damage we see in China. There is a lot of progress on environmental issues in China today, but a long way to go. And a lot of China that still isn't even on the map of the global supply chain. So it's fair to say that these issues will be around for many years to come. Read my piece here.